FLAXWORX NZ - Product Range

Our speciality are different sized Flax Whiri Kete, Kete Whakairo & Pikau (Backpack); large shopping bags or smaller hand bags made with different patterns and colours. However - we also make wall decorations of various shapes, sizes and colours, Whariki (large flax mats), Potae (hats) & of course Piupiu. We try new things on a regular basis, so if you are after someting that is not mentioned here - give us a call or send us a e-mail with your request and we see if we can help you.

Please feel free to browse through our galleries or contact us for a free quote. 

 PLEASE NOTE: All our procuts are hand made here in New Zealand following traditional Maori tikanga. We normally boil all Flax so most products are safe to be sent overseas (including Australia, Europe and the USA). 

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Please Note: The shells on the photographs on this website are examples only, we do not give any guaranty for using a specific type or size of shell as these will vary due to availability. If you do want a specific shell please contact us prior and discuss your requirements.


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