Have you ever wanted to learn to weave?

There are many places you can learn and as many choices what and for how long. To name just a few here:

Most Marae will have some connection to a weavers roopu. The Maori Women's Welfare League has also many very gifted weavers among their midst. Around the country here are campuses from Te Wanaga o Aotearoa who offer full time programs. In Rotorua is one of the oldest weaving schools in the country at Te Puia (Maori Arts and Crafts Insitute) Plus there are plenty of groups of weavers who are not affiliated with a specific Marae but meet at community centres or somebody's home. Best to search for community education providers - mahi raranga or flax weaving (they are usually found under the art and photography tab). There is also a great online class with Veranoa Hetet: http://www.veranoahetet.com/

Ask around and you will find that there are plenty of options for you to learn in your area. Taking up the traditional art of Maori fibre weaving might be the best thing you ever do:-)

Short courses are offered at the following locations (to name just a few):

  on the North Shore of Auckland City: http://learn4life.co.nz/arts-crafts.htm#raranga

also at Massey High School - they have 3 levels of Raranga courses this year: http://www.masseyhighcommunityeducation.co.nz/courses.php?cat=159&s=1

Wellington has some great courses as well: http://www.cecwellington.ac.nz/courses/891-harakeke-flax-weaving-onslow-college  and http://www.tawacomed.co.nz/node/207

South Auckland has also classes - check them out here: http://cace.org.nz/courses

 In the South Island - take your classes with Ali Brown: http://www.alibrown.co.nz/workshops.html

OR Maureen Harte: http://www.creativetourism.co.nz/workshops_art_weaving.html 

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  Please contact us for further details or if you have more questions (sometimes we know of upcoming wananga but don't have the time or space to list them here)


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